April 29, 2021

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Lineberger

Content Advisor: Mr. Meyer

The Art of Conducting

Driving Questions: 

  • What makes a good conductor? 
  • How does a conductor rehearse in different settings? 
  • What are different styles of conducting?


  • Read The Grammar of Conducting by Max Rudolf. Share thoughts/observations/summations on the WordPress site. Complete the conducting activities outlined by Prof. Rudolf in the book, sharing videos of the activities both on the blog and with my four mentors for critique and feedback.
  • Rehearse and conduct the Jordan High School String Orchestra, eliciting feedback from both Harry and Wendy Davidson.
  • Observe Mr. Meyer rehearsing DA instrumental and vocal ensembles, with follow-up discussions. There will likely be opportunities to rehearse and conduct the DA ensembles as well.
  • Sit in through the process of rehearsing and performing the DA musical with Mr. Meyer.
  • Observe the Duke Symphony Orchestra’s rehearsals and performances led by Harry Davidson, with follow-up discussions.
  • Study choral conducting with Jeremy Nabors of Vox Virorum Men’s Chorus.


  • September:
    • Start working with The Grammar of Conducting.
    • Begin observing Mr. Meyer rehearsing different ensembles at DA.
    • Begin studying choral conducting with Mr. Nabors.
    • Begin observing rehearsals of the Duke Symphony Orchestra.
  • October: 
    • Watch the Duke Symphony Orchestra’s first performance.
  • November:
    • Start rehearsing the Jordan High School String Orchestra.
    • (Or early December) Begin sitting in through the process of preparing the DA musical.
  • December:
    • Finish reading The Grammar of Conducting.
    • Watch the Duke Symphony Orchestra’s second performance.
    • Perform a concert with the Jordan High School String Orchestra.
  • January:
    • Put up a final product for that semester.

The blog on WordPress will be where I show progress in this study:

  • Reactions/observations/investigations inspired by the text.
  • Videos of my completion of the conducting assignments from the text.
  • Summarizations of conversations with my various mentors and my own thoughts regarding those conversations.98

Note: I’m planning to make this a yearlong independent study.

Final Product: A presentation that will describe rehearsal techniques and different styles of conducting with visual examples of me, my mentors, or other conductors.

Major Commitments:

  • AP Shakespeare
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Calculus AB
  • In the Pocket Ensemble
  • Fall Play