Category: Duke Symphony Orchestra with Maestro Harry Davidson

Concert #2 with the DSO

Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the concert due to my own performance, which also was a success. This whole concert seemed to stem from the Classical Era, involving an overture by Haydn, and piano concerto by Mozart, and a symphony by Beethoven. The Second Symphony by Beethoven is what I will be focusing …

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Concert #1 with the DSO

For coming back from Covid and basically having to start an orchestra fresh, the DSO did a really great job for a first concert back, and my dad was certainly pleased with the performance. There is one piece that my dad and I thought was played wonderfully by the Duke musicians, which was a cantata …

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Duke Rehearsal #1

I am so glad and honored that I got the chance to watch a symphony rehearsal done by Maestro Harry Davidson. To fully study my father’s conducting techniques for rehearsal in detail made me feel so happy. There is one particular section of a piece that he rehearsed that I would like to share some …

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