Twentieth and Twenty-First Week

These past weeks have been great, as I have gotten to do more rehearsals with Jordan High School and Mr. Meyer’s Instrumental Ensemble. I’m working with students in the cast of the musical on how to make sense of their lines. Whether they are in love, in a funny state, and strict and power-hungry, it is important for them to know what they are singing and why they are expressing what they say in order for them to be their character. I have also worked on the ensemble, teaching them their parts in songs by playing their parts on the piano and then going over those parts with them through repetition. I think one thing that I need to work on more is when I rehearse, I need to focus on the isolation of parts. I have a tendency to work on a section, but include the whole group instead of just hearing parts by themselves. This I did better in the musical, but interestingly not with the instrumental ensemble. Right now, Jordan is having their spring break, so there will be no rehearsals there until next Monday. I’ll be excited to present some of my independent study with everyone at my school tomorrow, as there will be an assembly for independent studies!