Concert #2 with the DSO

Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the concert due to my own performance, which also was a success. This whole concert seemed to stem from the Classical Era, involving an overture by Haydn, and piano concerto by Mozart, and a symphony by Beethoven. The Second Symphony by Beethoven is what I will be focusing on, since that was the second half of the concert that I got to witness. This symphony is full of vivacity and a happier side of Beethoven, even though this was around the time he wrote his suicide note, called the Heiligenstadt Testament. The part that I wanted to focus on was the coda of the first movement. There is so much energy in this last part. After a huge introduction and a wonderful representation of sonata form, Beethoven leaves the listener with a finale to a movement that one cannot forget. After a reinstatement of previous motifs, there is a huge build up that leads to a climactic dissonance in the trumpets, later resolving in a vibrant push towards the end. With Maestro Davidson, even though he focuses much on his job of keeping the orchestra together, he proves that conducting can be also extremely fun. Go to the time stamp 1:22:14, and check out how much energy he gives to it in order to make it fun for the orchestra and the ears of the audience.