Eleventh and Twelfth Weeks

Sorry for this update being late on both of these previous weeks. The days just don’t seem to stop filling my schedule to the brim. But, I have gotten many things done! The biggest thing of these past two weeks have been preparing for this upcoming concert with Mr. Meyer, where I will conduct one of the pieces, called “Fanfare for the Third Planet.” It is a fun fanfare that one would definitely think to hear at a band concert. I already got a chance to work with the group a bit on it last week, but I actually will get a chance to rehearse them fully today! Along with all this, Mr. Meyer and I did our first demo lesson, which was a success! We took the second movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 39 (which I still need to make a post about), and he watched me do it with a recording. Then, we discussed interpretation, how to conduct the continuation of line, and many other aspects of how to help the orchestra follow me. I know I haven’t been fully on it this second quarter, but, over the next few weeks, I will try my best to make up for the lost time. Either by tonight or the end of this week, I will have a post done about Mozart’s Symphony No. 39.