Tenth Week

I already planned the second semester as an extension of my independent study, so I will be updating my current proposal with Mr. Meyer soon. I am thinking that a good way to show progress in what I have learned is by showing a video of me conducting the winter instrumental ensemble concert and analyzing my different choices that I use in performance to lead the group after the rehearsal process. Also, Mr. Meyer and I will be having demo rehearsals for Mozart symphonies soon, so I will actually start getting in the experience of actually being mentored in my own conducting. I have just gotten in contact with the theater teacher at Jordan High School to talk over plans about the musical too, so things are still coming together. It is nice that even through a course like this, things can keep developing throughout the study that will help it grow into something more than it already is at the moment. Over Thanksgiving Break, I will be adding more blog posts and catching up on my textbook, as I prepare for the concert on December 1.