Seventh and Eighth Weeks

There was a slight break from my regular posts, since I was very busy with performances during the seventh week. I had not only a performance with my jazz-rock band, “In the Pocket,” but also theater performances that would last late into the evening of the play, “Eurydice.” It was an extremely busy time, and therefore I had to take some time off from this study. But now, I have been back at it with still studying Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, meeting with Mr. Meyer’s instrumental ensemble, and soon, I will be heading to Cleveland to watch my dad do a performance with the Cleveland Institute of Music. I will be making a report of that concert as well. I have also still been inching my way through my textbook, and hopefully, this second quarter will give me more opportunities for not only observing conductors, but actually going through rehearsal processes and conducting pieces myself. Since I am on the final movement of the Jupiter Symphony, which will probably take me all this week because of its complexity, I will be moving onto the greatest set of symphonies in all of music, Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies. So many exciting and new adventures ahead!