Sixth Week

This week, I have finished studying the first movement of the Jupiter Symphony, and now I have moved on to the second movement. What a strangely chromatic work for a classical composer such as Mozart. I also had a meeting and watched a rehearsal of Mr. Meyer’s instrumental ensemble, where now they have gotten new pieces that they started to work on, and he may even let me conduct one! Also, I went to a concert where my father was conducting the Duke Symphony Orchestra, and I’m going to post a video of one of the pieces they did and talk about it in further detail as to why he made that piece especially very moving. This week will be a very busy one, since I have dress rehearsals and performances every day, from Monday all the way to Saturday, so I may have to take a short break or cut down the hours of work for this independent study, but I promise I will try to balance everything as well as I can. See you soon!