Mozart’s Late Symphonies

What would my life be without Mozart? He has given me so much: my first opera, my favorite opera, and these wonderful symphonies that have been the first scores I have annotated. I have marked up three of his symphonies now! There is a huge difference between just reading a score and actually studying a score. I love reading scores, but I really love studying them. Note-taking or annotating can be a boring process for some in different subjects, but for me, drenching my scores in notes has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, and it never bores me. Even though my head can hurt really badly and it is a lot of work, this will help me become better prepared for when I may conduct these pieces. I would certainly hope to do the later symphonies of Mozart because they are so fundamental in the symphony repertoire. They may not be as big as Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies, but they are surely important in how they strengthened the Classical Era as a whole. These will be the first scores that I will talk about on this blog, and hopefully, we can move on to the Beethoven Symphonies after! My next post, which will come out soon, will be on the very first score I ever marked up, the “Haffner” Symphony (No. 35).