Second Week

More of the interactive parts have been coming into place! I have started to read “The Grammar of Conducting” textbook, which has been going over many of the basic techniques that is common knowledge to many conductors (how to beat four, keeping time, etc). I also got the opportunity to watch one of my father’s rehearsals at Duke. However, there might be a break from seeing Maestro Davidson conduct, since he is currently ill right now; hopefully, he’ll be back in no time! Yesterday, I had my first meeting with Mr. Nabors from Vox Virorum. We talked about the future plans for this choir, as this group is having a delayed start because of Covid. He even told me that he might let me lead rehearsals, depending on how far the choir can reach as a group this year. Finally, I got in contact with the theater teacher at Jordan, Mrs. Olivia Bellido, to check in on how the musical production at Jordan High School will work this year, as I might help lead some of the music there. I will soon be making posts on my score studies that I do by myself. Look out for that in the weeks ahead!